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A7X all you need to know about Avenged sevenfold
The Band
Band Members


This part of the website Shows you the albums tht avenged sevenfold have brought out andsingkes tht they have released.


The Warmness of the soul was Avenged Sevenfolds EP.... there first album. this album is all about demos to see if record companies are interested in them.

1. Warmness of the soul (Single)
2. Darkness Surrounding
3. We came out at night
4. To the end rapture[heavy metal version]
5. Warmness of the soul


  1. Waking the fallen
  2. Unholy Confessions
  3. Chapter Four
  4. Remenissions
  5. Desecrate Through Reverence
  6. Eternal Rest
  7. Second Heartbeat
  8. Radiant Eclipse
  9. I won't see you tonite PT1
  10. I won't see you tonite PT2
  11. Clairvoyant Disease 
  12. And all things will end 


This was Avenged Sevenfolds First Proper album which had more then 4 songs on...

  1. To end the rapture
  2. Turn the other way
  3. Darkness surrounding
  4. The art of subconscious illusion
  5. We came out at night
  6. Lips of Deceit
  7. Warmness in the soul
  8. An epic of time wasted
  9. Breaking their hold
  10. Forgotten faces
  11. Thick and Thin
  12. Streets
  13. Shattered by broken dreams


  1. The beast and the harlot
  2. Burn it down
  3. Blinded in chains
  4. Bat country
  5. Trashed and scattered
  6. Seize the day
  7. Sidewinder
  8. the wicked end
  9. strength of the world
  10. Betrayed
  11. M.I.A

Created and supervised by A.Golightly & M.Shadows